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Johnny O’Callaghan’s Play Who’s your Daddy Opens in NYC

Johnny O’Callaghan’s Play Who’s your Daddy Opens in NYC


Odin O'Callaghan, 9yrs. old

Odin O’Callaghan, 9yrs. old

Johnny O’Callaghan has been a friend of my son’s for many years. I met him on one of my stays in Beverly Hills a while back. He is easily the most engaging, humorous, unencumbered Irishman I have ever encountered. So, imagine my surprise at hearing that Johnny had a young Ugandan son. How could this epitome of a free spirit, this young, single man with more lovers than intentions to marry, saddle himself with a baby? And I was not the only one who gaped in surprise at the news.

More than any of Johnny’s crazily imaginative stories, this one was so riveting, that the actor became a playwright. Pouring his brilliant use of words into a play detailing with typical humor what happened that made him become a dad. Who’s Your Daddy? is the play, and it has opened in theaters in the Los Angeles area, as well as in Ireland and Scotland. Last week it premiered, to much acclaim, off Broadway with an accompanying write-up in the New York Times on April 16th: Irish Actor Meets Ugandan Orphan.

In July, I’ll be in LA for a week and I’ve made a point of letting Johnny know I’ll be around; I can’t wait to meet this, by all accounts, delightful young child.



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